Ghislaine Maxwell's Dangerous "Black Book" Of Secrets

How Ghislaine Maxwell's black book of contacts will upend the elite into an array of chaos and panic

The highly anticipated Ghislaine Maxwell trial is expected to start in only eight short days. Juror selection is underway which has proven to be an incredibly hard process due to the extent of all circumstances involving Maxwell’s alleged crimes. The core question asked by political analysts is it possible for anyone to form an unbiased opinion towards Maxwell.

No matter what happens with the juror selection, a massive truth bomb will be dropped over the coming months. Dark secrets that have been deliberately hidden from the public will be known. Associates of the Epstein and Maxwell duo will be revealed. The elite rulers of the world will shake from anxiety, praying their names are somehow forgotten in the web of the dark pedophilia net that has been cast upon the world.

I know for certain elite rulers will try to do everything they can to dodge the incoming bullet Maxwell will spew. If I was in her position, I would do everything I could to avoid prison time. At a young age of only 59, saving decades of prison time would be my only goal. That, and avoiding an attempted assassination — though the latter might be preferred than spending the rest of your days behind bars.

An example of an elite names to be dropped by the elusive Maxwell is Scott Borgerson. For those who don’t know, Ghislaine was confirmed to be arrested on July 2, 2020 on a156-acre compound located in Bradford, New Hampshire. The Maxwell compound has been described as “luxurious” valued at over $3 million. This “hideout” was confirmed to be owned through a web of real estate holdings by Scott Borgerson, a titan in the shipping global industry.

Per usual of all associates of the pedophilia duo, Borgerson has denied all allegations of being romantically involved with Maxwell. In fact, Borgerson claims that Maxwell and himself are just “old friends”. But do old friends snuggle and kiss? As shown in a 2019 video by the The Daily Mail, maybe these old friends do.

As an analyst and purveyor of truth, I am guessing the depths of Maxwell’s associates runs far and deep. Maxwell was a well-known and likeable socialite who frequently rubbed shoulders with high financers, politicians, businessmen, kings and queens, movie stars and even the Pope. These “associates” are likely in panic mode. As the little black book of secrets will be revealed to the public.

This little black book of secrets (a 97-page document) is a detailed log of all contacts Maxwell and Epstein kept during their pedophilia globetrotting journey. This book is rumored to include all of their elite contacts and the names of the alleged victims Epstein and Maxwell ruined. The little black book of secrets is similar to the book Alfredo Rodriguez stole from the Pleasure Palance, Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.

If this trial is able to go through the full six-weeks I am suspecting a significant amount of evidence will be poured onto the global elite. The system will be upended. The people will see the true evil nature of our global leaders. Riots and protests will ensure. Darkness will cover our once great land like a cold, wet shroud. The gates to the abyss of evil are opened and won’t close until this is all over. But beware. As the late and great Nietzsche said, “if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”


Team Poison