Ghislaine Maxwell's Lawyer Has Defended Terrorists, Murders and High Profile Ponzi Scheme Fraudsters

Whether you’re a high profile terrorist, a violent murderer, or a Ponzi scheme fraudster, elite New York City defense attorney Bobbi Sternheim is on the case.

Starting on November 29th, Mrs. Sternheim, a top legal ace for the white-shoe firm of Fasulo, Braverman, and DiMaggio LLC, will stand inside Thurgood Marshall courthouse in downtown New York City and argue that Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of enticement of minors and sex trafficking of underage girls as an accomplice of Palm Beach financier Jeffrey Epstein has committed no crime.

It should come as no surprise that Mrs. Sternheim is on the case, as she has a long history of defending the indefensible. Sternheim has argued in court that some of the worst criminals in the country deserve leniency, clemency, or to walk out of the courtroom free. A closer look into some of her past clients reveals exactly the type of target market Mrs. Sternheim is looking to represent:

Osama Bin Laden henchman Khaled Al-Fawwaz

Jhaled Al-Fawwaz is an Al-Qaeda operative accused of bombing embassies in Africa in which 224 people died, including 12 Americans. Mr. Al-Fawwaz lead a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan in the early 90’s and was the head of Al-Qaeda operations in London.

Witnesses say that after his guilty verdict, as he was being lead out of the courtroom, he smiled at his lawyer. Mrs. Sternheim is quoted as saying, “trying a pre-9/11 terrorism case in a post-9/11 era within blocks from the World Trade Center ensured that Mr. al-Fawwaz could never receive a truly fair trial by a truly impartial jury.” 

Minh Quang Pham

Minh Quang Pham was accused of attempting to blow up London’s Heathrow airport after receiving direct instructions and training from Al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki. The defense that Mrs. Sternheim presented was that Mr. Pham had signed up for Al-Qaeda training in Yemen not knowing exactly what it was and only agreed to the plot as a way to escape. He was convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Mrs. Sternheim saw not one, but two terrorists who tried to take away our freedom and disrupt our way of life and accepted their money for representation in court.

William A. Newson

William Newson is a film distributor who defrauded the investing public through a Ponzi scheme. Mr. Newson was convicted in two separate trials of securities fraud and mail fraud, each time hiring Mrs. Sternheim as his counsel. Even after losing his first case, he still came back for more. 

Drug kingpin Hanley Gomez

Hanley Gomez was caught in a government facilitated plot to rob a stash house. Mr. Gomez approached Mrs. Sternheim for representation after being lured into a plot by an informant, and she was happy to take his money and attempt to keep him on the streets. Though never convicted, Mr. Gomez has been linked to over two dozen murders to maintain order within his drug empire.

Roeshawn Young

Roeshawn Young hired Sternheim while appealing his 30-year sentence for running a multi-state crack cocaine operation. The appeal failed, and Mr. Young currently remains in prison. 

Juan Rios

Juan Rios, who savagely beat, raped, and murdered his former lover in her Soho apartment. Denise Deperrie was found with multiple puncture wounds to her chest and died after bleeding out.

Mr. Rios was in violation of his restraining order in visiting Ms. Deperrie’s apartment, and Bobbi Sternheim was on the case. Mr. Rios already had open charges pending from a previous assault on Mrs. Deperrie, and was arrested for her murder as he was discharged from a psychiatric hospital.

Sternheim the Vigilante of Villains

Mrs. Sternheim doesn’t have 100% approval rating among all terrorists, drug dealers, and other criminals.

In 2013, Sternheim defended Christian Perez, who was accused of second degree attempted murder and multiple counts of criminal possession of weapons. Despite her best efforts to portray Mr. Perez as a sympathetic figure, he was convicted and sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Mr. Perez filed an appeal to have the verdict overthrown due to ineffective counsel; Mrs. Sternheim declined to make an opening statement and failed to file a motion requiring a witness make an appearance in court. Mr. Perez’s conviction was upheld despite Mrs. Sternheim’s poor legal strategy.

Mrs. Sternheim received another complaint from George J. Connolly, Jr., who was accused of transporting stolen pornography across state lines. As with many of the Fulbright Scholars and former valedictorians Mrs. Sternheim represents in court, Mr. Connolly was found guilty, then sentenced to prison, then ordered to pay restitution for the stolen goods.

While incarcerated, Mr. Connolly filed an appeal with the court for ineffective counsel, claiming that Mrs. Sternheim had failed to represent him properly during the sentencing phase, and that having to pay back proceeds from his crimes was unfair. 

What’s worse than defending terrorists, murderers, fraudsters, and drug dealers? Watching them get convicted anyway, then coming back and claiming you defended them improperly.

In nearly all the cases listed above, Mrs. Sternheim’s clients were convicted and sent to prison, but not before paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees for the honor of standing next to Bobbi Sternheim in court.

Ghislaine Maxwell is also under indictment in the U.S. Virgin Islands for crimes committed on Mr. Epstein’s private island within their jurisdiction. Between the sun, the sand, defending a pedophile, and her multi-million dollar retainer, Mrs. Sternheim should enjoy a nice vacation.

Cheers to you, Mrs. Sternheim; if you do your job successfully, a woman who tricked, forced, and coerced teenage girls to serve as sex slaves for the world’s richest and most powerful men will walk the streets a free woman. One can only hope that as with so many of your other clients, Mrs. Maxwell is convicted despite your valiant efforts.